Climbing the Rock

by James Diaz

Stepping out in faith can be challenging for some. It was hard for me. Declaring my faith publicly should have been easy. It wasn't easy in the sense that I kept thinking about what my social media friends were going to think. Isn’t that crazy? A pit in my stomach about what some people will think about my declaration of faith. People that I may have met once or haven’t seen physically in 20 years.


Now I haven’t always been publicly vocal about my faith, subscribing to the workplace motto of not discussing politics, religion, or sports. I was raised in the church until about thirteen, but afterward, I didn’t make it my focus. The years that followed were consumed by parties, drinking, and Air Jordans. But still, I’ve come full circle, and it should have been easy to tell the world. My grandfathers on both sides of my family were pastors of their church. I have several devout uncles that have gone and started their churches in service of the lord. I have so many examples of exemplary men fully committed to the Lord. I grew up in a pentecostal church and attended a catholic private school until about 5th grade. I raise my children to believe. We attend church regularly, even if it is an online church right now because of the pandemic. So why was it so hard to come out on social media and tell the world that I started a Christian lifestyle brand? A brand that I am incredibly proud to have created.


I believe that it’s part of the process of transformation. I am shedding the old to make way for the new. It can be uncomfortable to wriggle out of cold, wet clothes to wrap yourself in the comfort of a warm, dry towel. You have to go through it to get to that comfort.


So, where am I in the process? I am still climbing, learning, still facing the uncomfortable, but I am feeling the warm embrace of the love of the Father. I’ve always felt it. I grew up in a city that wasn’t safe at the time due to gang wars and drugs. I saw a stat that said only 17% of Latino males in the zip code I grew up in make it out. I’m blessed to be the 17%. I have had a tremendous amount of opportunities and successes in my life. God has done amazing things for me, so why would I be afraid to publicly declare my faith and the Christian t-shirt company I started in HIS honor.


I’m going through it, and I know that I will come out better for it. I hope that you will follow and find comfort as you put on one of our tees and hats and help us to start meaningful conversations through fashion.


Rock your faith!




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