Let God Do Big Things

by James Diaz

I subscribe to what Steven Furtick describes as audacious faith in his book Sun Stand Still. Meaning, I believe that God can do the impossible, all I have to do is ask. You can't be afraid to be specific and ask for it. The understanding of what God can accomplish is beyond anything that we can comprehend. Yet sometimes, the most significant thing that God can do in our lives is not to answer. Those moments can hurt. They can make you question your belief. It can be challenging to stand steadfast in your faith when you are faced with a major disappointment.

In those moments, we need to remember that he is God, and His ways are not our ways. The best thing that we can do is let Him do His thing, so we need to “move, get out the way” to paraphrase Ludacris.

That's why we are dropping our new Let God Do Big Things t-shirts in mint, blue, and yellow. They are the perfect colors to keep it fresh this summer. These tees are soft and light in bright, crisp colors. They are a reminder that in those moments of disappointment, there is a plan; it just may be different than what we anticipated. In those moments, I reflect on all of the good and can see His hand in my movements throughout life. So throw on one of our tees and rock your faith!

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