Top 3 reasons to attend church online!

by James Diaz

Welcome to the church of YouTube! I’m kidding! Maybe? Somewhat. We had to switch gears when most states took away large gatherings during the pandemic. Instead of attending church physically, we began attending church virtually at home by watching both live events and pre-recorded or previously recorded events.

At first, we thought it would be weird. I didn’t understand how we could get that same church feeling from our couch! But it turns out that you can. So we decided to put a list together about why you should try attending online church. Here they are:

  1. You can attend on your own time.  Attending on our own time was particularly magical for us. As a young family with four children getting ready and being on time for everything is a chore. We now have loading and unloading the kids down to a science, but it takes a lot of effort!  Now, let’s be clear, we enjoy going to church on Sunday mornings and being part of our church community, but this was a blessing! We can bring up YouTube, search for our church and watch the streaming services right in our living room. We started by watching our home church. They shifted from services, including a children’s service. The kids would watch their service, and then we would too. We still do this with our church and Elevation Church, which leads me to my next point.
  2. You can visit many churches without leaving your home, which is fantastic! Do you ever get curious about other churches? We enjoy our home base church, but we have a desire to explore other churches in the area. Watching church sermons from other local churches has been incredible because it gives us an idea of whether or not we would like to attend in person. We get to listen to other worship teams and listen to different pastors as they preach their sermons. We get to witness the atmosphere in the room. Thanks to this ability, we have a new church that we would like to try out when we start to go back in person. We even get to attend church in other states too.
  3. You can take church with you! That’s right; you can church on the go! So not only can you stream any services that you want, but you can also watch while on the go. Are you waiting for your kids or spouse at an appointment? Put on your AirPods and bring up the sermon exactly where you left off—waiting in the parking lot for your wife at a Target? Bring up the sermon while you wait? Feelings of despair creeping up!? Find your favorite sermon and stream it on the spot. This was very helpful to me. You can share the messages and sermons on your social media! Or text a word of advice with a video of a sermon attached to a friend. There were times that I needed an encouraging word or a different outlook on a situation, and I found that I was usually able to find and play the right message at the right moment. As Christians, we are supposed to gather, but this was the most powerful benefit of an online church. Those moments of doubt dissipated as I picked up my phone to #churchonline.

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