Why I started a Christian T-shirt business

by James Diaz

We are excited to announce the launch of On The Rock apparel.  People call me crazy and ask me why I started a t-shirt business. It is an idea that simmered since I was baptized in 2015. We were living in Connecticut at the time; I designed a faith-based t-shirt for our then-pastor after being inspired by one of the sermons. It was well-received, and I left it at that, but the idea of a purpose-driven clothing line stayed with me.

Time passed, and we moved several times across the country, finally settling in beautiful Arizona. We opened Copper Mountain Candle Company, and the urge to start a faith-based company kept hitting me suddenly and frequently.

The Coronavirus pandemic began, and we transitioned from attending physical church at Desert Springs in Chandler, Arizona, to online church. I thought it would be strange at first but found myself enjoying it. It has been fantastic to spend time virtually with our "home" church and view other churches. We particularly enjoy watching the crew at Elevation Church and listening to the sounds of Elevation Worship.

As the pandemic grew darker, I found myself growing closer to God. The closer I grew to God, the more that I found myself looking for another creative outlet. Thankfully, my wife and I both kept our jobs during the pandemic, and our children adapted well to online school (though we are glad to see them go back in the Fall). Like most around the world, we found ourselves home A LOT. People have hobbies, like cycling, writing music, or hitting the weights for "them gains." I find my peace when I'm building. I love to bring ideas to life. I love the challenge of building brands. It is difficult and  you will take lumps, but I take a “learn from my mistakes approach.” With lumps, bruises and some scars I apply what I learn and move forward. 

In the middle of all the darkness surrounding the world, we had our fourth child. A beautiful baby girl named Amelia blessed with the middle name of Joy because the world needs a bit more of that. And that's really when the idea for a Christian T-shirt company planted roots. When God says move, YOU move. So I did and launched, On the Rock, the sister brand to Copper Mountain Candle Company.

Our goal is to inspire others to lead a life of passion and faith, and we do that by putting God first and creating inspirational clothing with positive messages. We have everything from infant onesies to adult hats, t-shirts, and hoodies. Each design is meant to start a conversation, and our children even create some. We try to instill in them a spirit of entrepreneurship. All of our products are created on-demand, so they are made special just for you, which allows us to offer a variety of options, colors, and sizes that you may not find anywhere else. We design using top-quality materials to create apparel that will look awesome, feel comfortable and fit great.

So look no further if you are looking for exclusive designs and great-fitting clothes. Together we will bring a whole new meaning to church clothes!

Please tell your friends and help us spread the word!

Rock Your Faith!

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